You are ready to be challenged by outstanding like-minded people like you, contribute to the goals set by Cop26 and the intentions of the G20 Summit 2022 and embrace this tremendous challenge to break through and become one of the leaders bringing solutions to the mounting climate changes.


The goal is to have selected Indonesian and Dutch designers, engineers, inventors, scientists, companies, and governments to become leaders again. Collaborate and learn how to develop and maintain sustainability and promote the development and manufacturing of your product in the country where they are sold. 


Escape Nomade: Living without Walls is a creative industry based in Bali and is a platform dedicated to sustainable development & achievement for Agenda 2030, Cop26 and the intentions of the G20 Summit. The platform consists of Designers, Engineers, visionary Entrepreneurs, Scientists, Inventors, enlightened Investors and Corporations. We encourage designers to develop sustainable products and stimulate small and medium-sized enterprises towards creative growth and encourage large corporations to participate and work as a team with the platform to generate an Ecological Society.

Together with United in Diversity (UID), a not-for-profit organization based in Jakarta, Escape Nomade – Living Without Walls, co-sponsors and organizes the Design for the Environment competition between Dutch and Indonesian designers to develop sustainable products, packaging, and system designs and assists in mediating its development. We invite Designers, Engineers, Inventors, Scientist and Corporations who all have a new role to play and show them new ways to product approach and system designs that can sustain the environment. 


  1. Winners will have the opportunity to participate and get worldwide exposure at the traveling exhibition that start in Bali during the G20 Summit in October 2022. We offer the visiting G20 country participants to meet and greet with you and explain your project.

  2. Introduction to like-minded designers and entrepreneurs from Indonesia and the Netherlands.

  3. To be introduced to the industry and connect you with experts.

  4. Monetary award is that we are finding seed capital to accelerate your project

  5. Even if you don’t win the competition, you will be part of one of the most important exhibitions and have exposure to the participants of the G20 Summit countries, held in Bali in October 2022.

  6. Even if you don’t win the competition, you might be selected for a once in a lifetime chance to be living in a co-working space in Bali.



We invite you to join the competition and be part of a select group and become a leader in shaping the future of the sustainable product and packaging design movement. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to become a link in a network that minimizes toxic materials and conserves source materials and energy. The goal is to reduce overpackaging and help lower disposal costs dramatically and develop products that can be refilled, reused, recycled. We are looking at multi-functional products, products that can be fixed and re-assembled, are quality products with long life, and systems that replace a product, packaging, or service.


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The Mission is to inspire industry and society to adapt to the new needs of individuals with new solutions in a changing society.

The choices designers and engineers make for us significantly impact the environment as they select the materials a product is made of. They mastermind if their design is multi-functional, durable, designed for recycling, up-cycling, re-assembly, decomposability, or biodegradability.  Many solutions are straightforward; for example, a slight alteration in the cord of a computer mouse can eliminate almost 90% of the packaging. Shredded rubber provides a source for valuable rubber products without harvesting more natural rubber and can be turned into other products made with rubber.


While primary recycling lets you create more of the same product without using more natural resources, secondary recycling creates opportunities for finding new ways to incorporate materials from used products into different end-products.



Design for the Environment promotes the infinite use of raw materials (resources) to be transformed into different end-products with a new life-cycle. The broader vision of the Design for Environment competition is to find sustainable solutions with designers, engineers, and individuals sharing responsibilities with society and industry.

Individuals contribute through a zero-waste lifestyle at home and work.

Society by making sustainable decisions.

Corporations by implementing environmental considerations into the manufacturing and

distribution process, paving the golden path to a circular economy where products invested in have an infinite life-cycle when turned into a new resource/product that has an added value and produces an infinite income.