Nutshell coolers made from coconut husk

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Nutshell is a cooler on a mission: to fit seamlessly into adventures and apartments, to replace plastic foam with natural fibers, and to connect people with the farmers and materials at the heart of their products.

The husk of a coconut is a natural marvel: it protects the water inside, keeping it cool in the heat and safe when it falls. But it’s nothing more than waste for farmers. Billions of leftover husks are burned every year, producing unhealthy smoke and releasing tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. Nutshell Coolers are made tough so you can enjoy them on countless adventures for years to come.

Our design and material choices are grounded in circularity: Nutshell insulation is biodegradable and useful as mulch or plant root protection at the end of its insulating life. The coconut fiber insulation is accessible via internal pockets to separate the degradable and recycled components.

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