Susan Rockefeller about the book Haute Couture Architecture - Living Without Walls

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

The more simple we are, the more complete we become." Henry David Thoreau

"Anneke has impressively created a community in Bali's uplands, aptly called The Sanctuary, that embodies artisan craftsmanship and inspiration. She designs and produces luxury, eco-friendly, semi-permanent tents for private and commercial use through her unique Escape Nomade company. It's eco-luxe at its best: in harmony with nature and environmentally sound. Anneke's tents' bioclimatic design ensures ultimate comfort and uses sustainable materials and energy-efficient construction, leaving the land virtually untouched.

Above the Ayung River, outside of Ubud, a peaceful center for traditional crafts and dance, terraced with rice paddies and dotted with Hindu temples and shrines, Anneke offers visitors a divine taste of her beautiful and serene escape. I applaud her values, motivation, and vision for sustainable beauty, a concept around which she was amazingly prescient! Anneke is doing it, living her environmental dream with beautiful, natural materials and fabrics. Not surprisingly, hers is a vibration that people hunger to replicate, wanting to empower themselves and manifest the spirit of "living without walls."


My personal journey led me to the architecture of a sustainable lifestyle that carefully places humans within the sacred landscape, that opens portals to a new paradigm. Haute Couture Architecture celebrates our connection with and love for ourselves and nature. As I was completing this manuscript, I look back on the year 2020, at all the trials and life-changes we have gone through to survive in this extraordinary period. We are just barely beginning to peek at the new world that lies on the other side of this challenging time. Mother Nature has pushed us through the eye of the needle. It is time to reflect, reevaluate, open up to new possibilities and dream of the world we will create.

Haute Couture Architecture is a mediator between the noble nomads of the past and of the future. At one time all of us lived as kings and queens within a bountiful, self-sustaining earth. We had an intuitive awareness from living close to the natural world. My tents are designed to revive that awareness, to pass us through eye of a needle to a new reality. We become fully human and fully within nature. There is a power of intention and awareness of nature’s beauty that I call ‘the golden thread ’. As I discovered the golden thread woven throughout the history of architecture and design, I was inspired to pull on it and reveal the lost art of simplicity. The work of the creative is to weave that intention and awareness through their life and design, passing the thread through the needles eye to future generations. It was curated simplicity and the longing for less that guided me through to a new dimension of life and design. My life became filled with subtle conscious moments; noticing that water feels like silk, that air smells like a bouquet, that food tastes like honey. It is a life of respect and empathy for self, others and for Mother Earth, who gave birth to us all.

The new Me is We

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