Team of experts

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Jan Carel Diehl M.Sc.


After finishing his study in Industrial Design Engineering he worked several years as consultant in Ecodesign. In his present position he is assistant professor for the Design for Sustainability (DfS) program at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at the Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands.

Within the DfS program he is managing the international projects on sustainable product innovation especially in emerging markets. The main focus of his research is the know-how transfer and implementation of sustainable product innovation into an international context. In addition his research has a special interest in cultural differences in product design and developing products for the so called ‘Base of the Pyramid (BoP)’. Next to his position at the TU Delft he is consultant for UNIDO and UNEP and invited lecturer at several international universities. He is co-author of the UNEP Design for Sustainability (D4S) manual for Developing Economies (D4S EE).

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Piet van Zeyl


Sustainability, and environmental impact. Wholistic "blue" or circular approach inspired by nature and physics.

Specialties: Resort and hotel sustainability trouble shooting and technical advice.

Top end Resort upgrades with emphasis on carbon footprint reduction and attaining carbon neutrality.

Alternative energy solutions, energy audits and MEP reviews.

New hotel M & E and Sustainability design reviews and improvement recommendations

Zero Waste initiatives for hotels to further reduce the environmental impact

Part of the EarthCheck Inner Circle group to review and improve sustainability certification.

Speaker on matters impacting the environment
- NUS Masters Program Sustainable Design
- Stenden University Bali guest lecturer
- Green School - Zero Waste Program
- EarthCheck Bali - Alila Hotel's Zero waste Program
-ROLE Foundation Zero wast to Ocean conference - Waste problem in Bali's ocean
- World Sustainable Destination Forum 2018 - Managing sustainable destinations

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Marc Goedkoop


From 1990, my company PRé developed the SimaPro LCA software in 1990 and developed methods like the Eco-indicator 95 and 99, followed by ReCiPe 2008; which are all well known.
In the 20 years that followed the LCA field was a nice niche market. We are moving from ad hoc LCA studies into a place where sustainability becomes part of the core strategies of companies, as a basis for companies to differentiate their products and to create value. 
Specialties: Bridge building, creating coalitions that help creating a better world. 
Pioneering science based but very pragmatic tools and methodologies

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Jane Fisher


Jane was born in the Philippines but raised in the US. She married to a Swiss and started their jewelry design business. Due to her design experience in jewelry, she quickly picked up the interest in packaging, eco materials, recycling. She loves data and metrics and does niche research in alternative packaging.

She has been involved as an advisor for IPA on material innovations. She has advised World Economic Forum, Environment platform Indonesia. Jane studied behavioral changes. Jane has set up two coalitions in Bali one for advocacy which is officially recognized by Bali government. The other coalition is focused on waste management, value of recycling. She has a lot of knowledge about processes regarding alternative materials, innovative materials, alternative packaging. And Jane focuses on monitoring of quality marks that products/packaging and materials get. Trying to find out if there are toxic chemicals involved in recycled products. For example lots of pulp based products need toxic chemicals to be waterproof or become a solid material. As note she projects such as plastic exchange: give plastic in exchange for rice doesn’t really help.