DFE Design Awards Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to all DFE Awards and categories, including, but not limited to: Product, Package, Industrial Design By registering at https://www.escapenomade-lifestyle.com/design-for-the-environment-competition registrants, specifically agree to being contacted by email, text and phone for matters regarding their entry, deadlines, payments and competition news. Registrants may unsubscribe at any time. This will also remove all registration data from the entry system and DFE website, including past winner listings, E-Book entries and gallery exhibits. The entrant’s completed registration application and fee payment constitutes confirmation that they have read, understood and agree to the following General Terms and Conditions.

OWNERSHIP The DFE Awards are design competitions, related events and media. The organizer is the DFE Design Awards, a wholly owned unit of Escape Nomade, which is incorporated in ……… Questions in all matters should be referred directly to DFE  Awards, ………..

TERMS OF USE All copyrighted images, trademarks and registered trademarks appearing on the DFE Design Awards website are the property of their respective rights-holders and owners, and used on this website for reference purposes only.

WHO MAY ENTER 1. The DFE competitions are open to designers, firms, practices, agencies, organizations, schools, businesses, students and non-professionals. DFE is for designs launched from January, 2020 forward.  All Professionals, companies and organizations may enter any award category, if their work fits into that category’s description. Each entrant may enter as many projects as they wish, upon completion of registration and payment of appropriate fee(s). Entries may be submitted by individuals, companies, organizations, teams, or by teachers for classroom projects. Entrants must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to enter as an individual. (Designers under 18 may have their work submitted by a parent, legal guardian or teacher. Student fees will apply.) The DFE Competitions are open to creative professionals wishing to share and promote their designs. The DFE Awards are for design submissions. Designs are tools that enhance the quality of life. They are modern design, produced, or conceived to be produced, in large quantities. They are not fine art, one-off installations, cultural or craft projects. There are several general categories of contestants: – Currently or recently enrolled students (grades 13 and above) – Creative Professionals (designers, architects, etc.) – Design Consultancies – Corporate Design or Marketing Departments -PR Firms and agencies representing creative clients 2. The entry fees are established by the price list in effect at the time of registration. Entrant’s payment, fully completed registration form, the design and supporting documents must be received by the competition’s published closing date. Entry fees may change without notice. However, entrants who have registered and paid their fee are guaranteed entry at their original fee. 3. This is a two-stage competition process. The first stage will entail an online entry submission of a fee, photo’s, video and descriptions of the design entry. For the second stage, entries that pass administrative review (certified) will pay a Phase 2 “Finalist Fee” to enter the second competition stage.

Jury, Team of Experts and Advisory committee members are not allowed to enter the competition.

DELIVERY AND COLLECTION OF ENTRIES (Note: no entries of any kind will be collected or received because of the Covid Pandemic. All entries are now online uploads only) 1. Any competition entries or materials will be shipped to, and collected from, the Jury location at the cost of the entrant. DFE will not handle customs or other shipping details–all entries must arrive at the DFE shipment point unencumbered and at no cost to DFE. The entrant is responsible for any damage or loss of their design. Neither the DFE Awards nor its agents will be liable if an entry is delayed, not received by deadline or is damaged by any cause during judging or exhibition. Display boards and graphics will not be returned. (Special note: entrants are urged to NOT send rare, expensive or precious prototype materials. DFE can not be held liable for their loss or damage.) 2. The entries will be collected by the entrant during the specified period after the jury finishes. Should the entries not be collected, the organizer reserves the right to dispose of the material, with any extraordinary expense to be paid by the entrant. Supporting documents and printed materials will not be returned to the entrant. 3. Refunds are available, up to 6 weeks prior to the final deadline for that competition.

JUDGING A multi-disciplinary jury of experts is selected by the DFE Awards administrators. This independent jury chooses the DFE Award winners. The jury is not required to justify or comment upon its decisions. Not every entry category will necessarily have a winner. Conversely, the Jury may, at their option, chose multiple winners in a category. The judge’s decisions are private and completely confidential.


  • Online Exhibition Gallery All nominees and award-winning designs will be presented in the www.escapenomade-lifestyle.com/designfortheenvironmentcompetition online exhibition gallery for at least one year. Only entries that fit DFE’s design guidelines, are in generally acceptable good taste and are in fully-paid good standing with DFE will be published in the public sections of the Entrant Gallery or Archive. The Archive Administrator reserves all rights to determine whether works will be accepted, and may at our discretion edit submission copy and images. If an entrant’s work is chosen for exhibition or publication, they may be required to sign and return an affidavit of eligibility, liability and publicity release and a license grant.

  • Exhibition of Winning Designs DFE will present some winners in G20 exhibition November 2022 . Partners will curate and determine the exact format and presentation details of each display. Large-scale exhibits may entail additional entrant cost, if entrant chooses to participate. This is optional to the entrant.

  • DFE Winner Publicity A press release winners announcement will be published after the juries make their selection . In addition, various media partners publicize the events and selected winners. Upon request, DFE will produce press release templates, which may be used for the Entrant’s publicity purposes.

  • DFE Logo Package Certified entrants and winners may utilize the Spark logo and artwork for marketing usage on packaging, point of sale, advertising, product placement and other applications, if DFE determines it is positive, fair and reasonable use.

  • DFE Certificates Certified and Winning designers, design firms and manufacturers will receive a downloadable awards certificate PDF upon request. Printed certificates are available for purchase. Trophies will be available for purchase by winners only.

PUBLICITY By entering your work in this competition, you and your company or organization grant consent and license to the DFE Design Awards for the use of your name, design and representations of your design in any media, anywhere in the world, without compensation or credit, for Spark promotional and editorial reasons.
PROPRIETARY RIGHTS By entering this competition, you and your company affirm that your entry is original and does not infringe upon the rights of any person or entity. You acknowledge that you own, are solely responsible or otherwise control all of the rights to the content or entries that you submit; that use of the content or entries you supply does not violate these Terms of Use and will not cause injury to any person or entity; and that you will indemnify the DFE Awards or its affiliates for all claims resulting from the materials you submit. The DFE Awards are not liable for any copyright or trademark infringement on the part of the entrant. DFE entrants are advised and required to obtain third party consents where required by law or by best ethical practices.
OWNERSHIP OF WORKS Entrants own the I.P. rights to the original work they submit to the DFE Awards competitions. DFE does not own original I.P. rights or works entered into the competitions, but has a royalty-free, perpetual right to use that work in connection with publicity and promotion of Spark programs. DFE Award sponsors or partners (Businesses and Organizations) do not own design entries, original research, or design materials that they sponsor unless a written license or other transfer of rights in those works is executed by the author(s) and acknowledged in writing by all parties, including Spark.
DISCLAIMER By entering the DFE Awards Competition, participants release the Spark Advisory Council and Community Board members, sponsors, Jury participants and their respective affiliates, agents, directors, officers, employees, volunteers, families and shareholders from all liability of any kind relating to these competitions.
DISPUTES The liability of DFE to the Entrant, whether said liability stems from any breach of contract or duty, for any damages, costs, loss of goodwill or financial income suffered by the Entrant, will be limited to the entrant’s paid fees. These rules will be governed by the laws of Denpasar , Bali, Indonesia laws.